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Retreats in Southern Europe

Information & application:

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Healing sessions in the Netherlands

Healing sessions with organic tobacco juice / purges are organized in Amsterdam (a minimum number of participants is required).
If you are interested, take contact with us, please:

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We hope to be able to plan the retreats for the following dates:


(No retreat in May)


RETREAT 1 (9 days)
Beginning: Sunday, August 28th / End: Tuesday, September 6th (includes 2 week-ends)

RETREAT 2  (9 days)
Beginning:  Friday, September 9th / End : Sunday, September 18th  (includes 2 week-ends)

Continuing to offer retreats from one year to the next is never automatic.
Our different retreats in Europe generally take place in May and/or September.
If you interested, you can already take account of these period in your future planning.
The dates are published 9 months in advance.