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Retreats in Southern Europe

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Healing sessions in the Netherlands

Healing sessions with organic tobacco juice / purges are organized in Amsterdam (a minimum number of participants is required).
If you are interested, take contact with us, please:

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¡ Feliz Año Nuevo a todos. Inspiración, fuerza y paz !


For logistical reasons, we haven’t be able yet to plan the retreats for 2021. The dates will be on-line in few weeks.
Information will be posted soon on this page. Do not hesitate to consult it regularly. Thank you for patience. 

However, we hope to be able to plan the retreats for the following dates:

Spring 2021
No retreat. 

Summer 2021 (note: subject to confirmation or modification on this page in a few weeks)
2 retreats only. 

Retreat 1
Sunday 29/08 to Tuesday 7/09 (9 days)

Retreat 2
Friday 10/09 to Sunday 19/09 (9 days)

There will be no 6-day retreat in 2021 (these are not automatically renewed).