Tobacco juice

The major plant of the Amazon

Among the different plants offered in a retreat is tobacco juice, the plant at the top of traditional medicine, according to indigenous people and many ancestral medicine traditions around the globe.
The Amazonian purge of tobacco juice is very powerful. The Indians often say that ‘smoking leads to death and that tobacco juice leads to life’. They thus consider that tobacco juice transmits strength, protection, solidity, positive energy, structure, ability to decide, awareness and light.

A male force

The drunk tobacco contains the four elements and confers a male force that strengthens our anchoring in reality and is beneficial to women and men. It is also an educational plant.
The purging of tobacco, a male plant, is usually managed by an authorized person called a ‘tabaquero’ or a ‘tabaquera’.
Tobacco purges are regularly organized in Europe (see contact).

The course of a purge (‘purga’)

The purge (‘purga’ in Spanish) is done in groups and follows a very specific ritual. The Indians use this ritual to activate the energy and spiritual power of tobacco juice. Participants then drink this juice followed by warm water.
The spirit of tobacco is responsible for identifying what has to be eliminated. Yet on an empty stomach, participants vomit certain ‘loads’ carried since birth and that our body cannot assimilate because they are toxic. For the curanderos, these are ‘negative energies’ that materialize.
This very particular process is a challenge to describe: it must be experienced to truly understand all its sensory and spiritual dimensions.

Overcoming blockages

Tobacco juice is a decoction. It can help to overcome various blockages resulting from:

  • transgressions of natural laws
    (side effects, toxins from certain medications, unbalanced food, pollution, trauma of war…)
  • moral and psychological suffering
  • transgenerational inheritance
    (incest memories, abuse, domestic violence, miscarriage…)

Freeing yourself from addictions

Smoking, drugs, joints, alcohol, internet & smartphones, pornography, games: tobacco juice is a powerful way to free oneself from addictions and all artificial ways of escaping reality (illusions, invasive imagination…) Because it fights addiction, Tobacco juice is not addictive.

Opening the doors of spirituality

In Amazonian culture, the Amerindians consider that each medicinal plant has its own principle, which communicates, teaches and is healing. It opens and structures the traditional retreats of Amazonian medicines because it deeply cleans the energy body. Let us note that all the great spiritual traditions agree on one point: cleansing the body (diet, fasting, healing sessions, bathing plants, sweat lodge) is a compulsory step to awakening.

On the difference between smoked and drank tobacco


Smoking tobacco is an escape…

To escape unpleasant reality we create a bubble, by erecting a barrier in the face of reality and of others. We symbolically search refuge with mummy by sucking our thumb when confronted with anxiety.
Smoked tobacco is highly cancerigenous, i.e. causing death (3.5 to 4 million deaths each year in the world, one of the first three world plagues with malaria and poliomyelitis).
Lung cancers (80%), cancers of the oral cavity, cancers affecting the pharynx, the oesophagus, the pancreas (30%), the bladder (40%) , kidneys and the urinary tract, the uterus of the young woman, lungs and bronchial tubes. We can also quote infarcts, breathing problems, emphysema…

…But drank tobacco is a liberation!

It is thorough cleansing and scouring. It enables us to vomit personal and transgenerational things, it brings us back into our body and makes us aware of immediate reality, orders things in our mind, tidies them up, clarifies, awakens, verticalizes, opens our intellect to metaphysical realities (Darmaka) and purifies the soul (Nirmanakaya). Tobacco juice is powerful, purifying, substantial, penetrating, structuring, hearty, reassuring, pervading, equitable, silent, rigourous, faithful, well-advising, reliable, security providing, joyous. It changes our conscience level and brings about new awakenings; it grounds and substantiates our presence. It makes us grow up, fortifies and revitalizes us, provides us with quiet empowerment that will eventually lead to the progressive death of our Ego. It enables regeneration and reconnects us with our neglected body, with energies, with outside and inside reality, with our psyche, with our intellect and the highest levels of our soul. In Amazonia, taking a tobacco healing sessions even is an exorcising ritual! The shaman will expulse the perverse energies through the soplada (a tobacco juice healing ritual). So, we can choose between smoking and drinking tobacco.

Drinking tobacco juice: the death of the Ego

Smoking it means the death of our spiritual being to the advantage of a virtual, imaginary Ego.
Drinking tobacco juice means the death of the virtual and imaginary Ego to the advantage of the being-that-incarnates-the-spirit.
In a way, one could say tobacco symbolizes the choice of Free Will in front of the Key of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This key is placed in front of any human being who has become conscious enough of himself.
Either I drink tobacco and I choose spiritual life, or I smoke it, and that leads me to spiritual and even physical death.

Distinguishing the approaches